ARCH Life Coach Training

A Trauma-informed approach

Facilitated by: Heather Ensworth, Ph.d. (clinical psychologist, astrologer and shamanic practitioner) and Kristina Lea (certified Psychosynthesis life coach and energy medicine practitioner)

This program is designed for those who are on a path of healing and want to support others in their healing journeys. This program is especially designed for therapists, healers and coaches but is also open to those who have done in-depth therapeutic work and want to learn a new more holistic model for healing and integration. This program is about healing on all levels — emotionally, physically, relationally, energetically and spiritually. It is founded on the ARCH model and the book From Trauma to Freedom: One Woman’s Journey and a Holistic Path to Healing. The ARCH model works with the ancient shamanic medicine wheel as a path of self-awareness, healing and integration. The ARCH model has five core components:  Alignment, Relationship, Consciousness, Healing and Integration.  It is a way of working through all aspects of healing, of reclaiming your true self and coming into a place of integration, wholeness, freedom and empowerment in your life purpose.  This program also incorporates an understanding of the larger shifts that we are in individually and collectively, and  the realization that as we heal, we help heal the world and are able to co-create new ways of being. 


PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 10 months – September 2022 – June 2023

Two Saturday sessions per month: one Saturday class session 2-3:30pm EST
The other Saturday session per month will be from 1pm – 4pm EST including a class
1-2:30pm EST followed by a 1.5 hour supervision group session 2:30-4pm


Monthly class sessions: Sep 10*, 17, Oct 15*, 29, Nov 12*, Dec 3, 17*, Jan 7, 21*, Feb 4, 18*, March 4, 18*, April 1, 15*, 29, May 13*, June 3, 17*

*These classes will be at 1-2:30pm EST followed by the supervision group meeting.
The other classes will be scheduled for 2:30-4pm EST.

Monthly supervision sessions (2:30-4pm EST): Sep 10, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 17, Jan 21, Feb 18, March 18, April 15, May 13, June 17


Group size: maximum: 20 participants (minimum: 12 participants)

Cost of program: $4400 with added personal healing program $400 for a total of $4800

(May be paid in full or in monthly payments of $480)

To register: please contact Kristina Lea ( or Heather Ensworth (


A deposit of $480 is required to hold your reservation for the program.


PLEASE NOTE: We will also be requiring and making available a 7 week self-study program: A Personal Guide to Healing with the ARCH Model as a part of this course for a discounted rate of $400 (usual value: $480). It is an online self-study program with 7 educational videos (1-2 hours in length) with assignments including meditations and practices for healing. You will also have the option to do this self-study program with added integration sessions (DTB) with one of the facilitators for an additional discounted rate of $200 (total for program $600 with integration sessions).

Cost of program: $4400 (if paid monthly, $440)

Outline of program

Class outline:

Session 1 – Overview of the program

Journey of self-discovery and healing and learning a trauma-informed approach to Life Coaching
Overview of the ARCH model
Coaching vs. Therapy
Understanding Trauma and Healing
Intake for the coaching process – assessing the your client’s needs and goals and how to stay clear about your own parameters as a                     coach
Setting the foundation in the coaching relationship
Reflective listening – empathy – establishing safety and trust
The frame for the process
Setting up healing dyads for the program

Session 2 – Working with the ARCH model

Understanding the medicine wheel and the meaning of the directions
How to set up the ARCH medicine wheel
Using the ARCH medicine wheel as a meditative practice and technique for understanding the healing process
Using ceremony and ritual
Creating sacred space – for working with the ARCH medicine wheel and for your sessions with your clients
The importance of working your own ongoing healing and meditation process as you work with client

Session 3 – ALIGNMENT  

Ways to come into stillness/alignment
Meditation practices
Breathing exercises
Establishing the witness self and connecting with the soul self
Holding sacred space in sessions and feeling the larger healing energy field – with the Earth and sky and healing guides
How to stay in alignment in sessions with clients
How to hold space for when you don’t feel centered

Session 4 –  RELATIONSHIP 

Establishing, strengthening and maintaining the healing relationship
Fostering collaboration and exploration with your client vs. a hierarchical dynamic
Forms of healing relationships
Characteristics of a healing relationship
Challenges in the relationship process
Boundaries and honoring the parameters of the coaching/healing relationship
Processing your own emotions and experiences in the sessions


Topography of the Self – levels of consciousness
Hawkins Consciousness Scale
The impact of trauma on consciousness and on the self
Short-term and long-term coping mechanisms for trauma:
Fight, flight, freeze, fawning
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Ways to bring what has been buried or split off back into awareness
How to use your own feelings in the work with your clients to add insight to your client’s split off emotions

Session 6 – CONSCIOUSNESS – continued

Working with parts of the self
Creating safety
Dialoguing with parts
Creating a coherent narrative
Helping parts to heal
How to work with pre-verbal parts
Strengthening the witness self
Integrating parts into the self
How to stay conscious of your own process and parts as a coach/healer

Session 7 – HEALING

Creating a healing environment and staying in alignment
Having a support team – both as client and coach
Different approaches to healing and how to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
Honoring the pace and cyclical nature of the healing process
The importance of courage and taking responsibility for the self in the healing process
How to honor your own limitations as a coach and “care but not carry” your clients

Session 8 – HEALING – continued

Working with challenges to the healing process:
How to work with triggers and flashbacks
How to work with dreams
How to deal with times of crisis
How to work with depression and anger
Possible blocks to the healing process:
Blame or Shame
Acting out
Returning to alignment and compassion; holding the wholeness of the process
How to work with ruptures in the coaching relationship and come back to a healing dynamic


Integrating parts into the self
Developing healthy beliefs and behaviors
Grief and letting go of the past
Developing a stronger sense of self
Integrating the personality, witness self and soul self
Living in gratitude and opening to joy
Moving into higher consciousness
Gifts of the healing journey

Session 10 – Weaving it all together and getting closure

Supporting your clients in aligning with their path and purpose
Ways to identify and strengthen a sense of purpose
How to take action on the changes in the sense of self
Ongoing growth and evolution
Review of the ARCH healing journey and coaching process
How to terminate the coaching process
Assessing and reviewing progress
Honoring the healing and integration is an ongoing process
How to honor the relationship process and allow transition and closure on the coaching process
How to get ongoing support and supervision for your coaching
How our individual healing impacts the healing of our world and of our Earth

Outside assignments, processing and the Integration sessions:

Assignments will be given for reading portions of the book From Trauma to Healing for each session and additional resources and hand-outs will be given for each class.

All participants in the program will be encouraged to journal regularly about their process — both what comes up for healing within themselves and questions about or integration of the process of coaching others. There will also be specific prompts each month for writing and processing the material presented in the classes.

Each month, participants in the program will be paired with another member of the group to share and support each other in the process.

There will be ongoing group discussion available for questions and sharing of insights and experiences.

The integration sessions will be a time to process the experiences of the training and healing journey and to ask questions and to delve into certain topics in more depth.

If you are interested and want further information, please contact Heather Ensworth: or Kristina Lea:


To register, you will need to complete an application and pre-program interview to ensure that the program is a good fit for you. 


Please note: All classes will be recorded in case you need to miss a class or want to review the material. 


NOTE: we are in the process of applying for CEUs (54) to be available to licensed LHMC and LiCSW therapists and social workers. Also, this program will qualify for supervision hours for those seeking licensure as a therapist. If you are interested, please let us know.